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Resolve software defects in complex
networking systems faster



In an increasingly complex, virtualized and software-driven world, customers rely on network vendors and service providers more than ever.

Networking organizations can no longer afford for their software to fail. Unfortunately, traditional methods of testing and debugging are no longer sufficient. But, there is a new approach.





  In this eBook you will learn:

  • how to safeguard your customer relationships by resolving network software issues faster
  • how to solve the problem of irreproducible or sporadic software failures by recording the actual failure as it occurs in test or production
  • why some of the world’s largest networking providers use software flight recording technology to take the guesswork out of debugging

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About Undo

Undo’s technology allows the world’s biggest companies to improve the quality and reliability of their software. We use data-driven diagnosis and debugging to help the largest software companies resolve their most challenging software defects and improve customer experience.