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Resolve software defects in complex
networking systems faster



In an increasingly complex, virtualized and software-driven environment, networking solution providers are more exposed than ever. 

Unfortunately, traditional methods of testing and debugging are no longer sufficient. Some of the world's largest networking providers in Silicon Valley have adopted a new capability to accelerate defect resolution. 





  In this white paper,  you will learn:

  • How to resolve complex network software issues faster with Software Failure Replay
  • How to quickly resolve failing tests - including flaky tests caused by intermittent failures 
  • Why some of the world’s largest networking providers use Software Failure Replay to make debugging more predictable and protect their customer relationships

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About Undo

Undo is the leading Software Failure Replay platform provider for engineering teams building complex systems. Undo's flagship product, LiveRecorder, is used to fix software bugs faster, accelerate product delivery, and reduce engineering costs.