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Early Access Program

We're on a mission to revolutionize how developers diagnose and fix software failures.


With Software Failure Replay (SFR), we aim to make debugging less painful, more efficient and data-driven. LiveRecorder is the leading SFR platform and enables developers to record, replay & resolve bugs without wasting time on trying to reproduce them. LiveRecorder is now available for Java.


Get Early Access

We're giving your team the chance to:

  1. See what a difference LiveRecorder for Java could make to your dev/ testing team
  2. Help us continuously improve this product

We are currently accepting invitation requests to exclusive closed Early Access Program. Request an invite today if you're an engineering/development team leader* interested in the most innovative and efficient way to troubleshoot and resolve software failures as quickly as possible.

*see invite participation eligibility criteria below. 


Why Get Involved?

  • If you need to reduce Mean Time To Resolution for defects OR fix flakey/ intermittent/ sporadic tests in CI.
  • Get free access to this valuable enterprise product for 12 months
  • Get a first look & try new product/ feature releases for yourself as it evolves
  • Experience the value delivered by a new way to find & fix bugs that are blocking your pipelines

What's involved

Undo will provide you with a fully functional copy of LiveRecorder for Java, will provide product updates and will give you access to beta functionality.


Undo will aid you via Meet/Zoom in setting up LiveRecorder for Java in your dev environment and in using the product to diagnose your first defect.


Thereafter you are free to use LiveRecorder for Java for the duration of the program, subject to the program terms.


Participation criteria

Successful invite requests will be issued to developers/ teams who have:

  • Java application or service running on OpenJDK or Oracle JVM on a supported x86_64 Linux distro. 

  • IntelliJ IDE on Linux, macOS or Windows.

  • Not embedded Linux.

Record Replay Resolve With LiveRecorder


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