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Creating Reliable Software



The ability for software engineering teams to deliver high quality software at a productive level is the difference between companies that succeed and those that fail.


This white paper examines the delta between the adoption rate of best-practices employed by organizations to streamline software development and the failures accruing in their backlogs.


It provides a framework for any organization to take the first steps towards maximizing the efficiency of their development pipeline.


By reading this white paper, you will learn:

  • why CI best-practices can't always keep backlogs clear of failing tests
  • how a new class of reliability solutions tackles this issue head-on
  • how to implement a five-step approach to realize success with CI


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About Undo

"Undo’s technology allows the world’s biggest companies to improve the quality and reliability of their software. We use data-driven diagnosis and debugging to help the largest software companies resolve their most challenging software defects and improve customer experience."