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Concurrency Defect Resolution
Reproduce and  debug defects in multithreaded and multiprocess applications faster


Multithreaded and multiprocess application architectures help improve performance; but they also increase the risk of concurrency issues such as threading deadlocks, multithreading race conditions, read-before-writes, and shared memory corruption.


This technical paper reveals the technologies and techniques available for quickly diagnosing the root cause of concurrency issues.


Learn how to find, replicate and fix these hard-to-reproduce bugs using:

  • Time travel debugging - making bugs 100% reproducible, every time
  • Thread fuzzing - exposing concurrency issues during testing by interfering with the regular scheduling of c++ threads
  • Multiprocess correlation - debugging shared memory corruption more easily
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About Undo

Undo is the time travel debugging company for Linux. We equip developers with the technology to understand complex code and fix bugs faster.